Creating a Game

Step 1: 

Log in at

Step 2:

Once in the dashboard screen, click on the "New game" button.

Step 3: 

Click on the "+ New game" button.

Step 4: 

You will then be prompted to name your game, select a theme, add questions, select teams and adjust the timing of questions. 

To add questions and teams, just click on their green + button.

Note 1: Collaborative vs Competitive: 

  • Collaborative: Teams of players work together.  Answers of team members are instantly shared (default Strong Game)
  • Competitive:  Each player works independently

Note 2: Timing per question recommendations: 

  • Easy Questions: 30 seconds/question, 30 seconds/review. (Usually easy to Google)
  • Medium Questions: 45 seconds/question, 45 seconds/review.  (Good discussion question)
  • Hard Questions: 90 seconds/question, 60 seconds/review (Excellent discussion question)

Step 5:

Scroll down and click the submit button when you're done creating your game.

Then, your game will always be in your "Games" page if you want to edit it or play it.