What browsers work with the Strong Game? 

The Strong Game is fully supported on the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and IE. 

The Strong Game is also supported on iOS and Android mobile browsers.

Why does my mobile device disconnect when the screen turns off?

If your mobile device locks or enters a battery-saving/sleep mode you may experience technical issues. To ensure your Strong Game experience runs smoothly keep your screen on and unlocked.

If you device locks or enters a battery-saving mode, the Strong Game will reconnect your device after it "wakes up". However, this will interfere with the game's clock functions  and therefore it is possible that that player will be voided and you and your team will fail to get points. Do NOT refresh your browser tab at any time while the Strong Game you are playing. 

How to avoid this? 

On iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad):

  • Open “Settings” > “Display & Brightness”
  • Select "Auto-Lock" and choose "Never" 

On Android devices

  • Go to "Settings" > "WiFi".- Tap on the "Menu" key > "Advanced".
  • Tap on "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" and select "Never".

Toggling these features may drain your device's battery more rapidly.

Consider undoing these changes once done playing.

What network security settings does the Strong Game require?

Network Requirements: 

strong-game.com is currently the only domain used for the strong game services. Whitelisting this domain should prevent most errors, however security policies may prevent not allow completely whitelisting domains.

Must haves:

  • The Strong Game needs access to ports tcp ports 80 and 443. 
  • The Strong Game also requires secure websockets technology, which may cause issues with some proxy servers. You may need to whitelist our websockets URLs in your proxy’s security settings.

SSL/TLS is used to encrypt data between devices and servers. Networks that monitor SSL/TLS activity sometimes replace our SSL/TLS certificates with those of the monitoring service. This can cause authentication errors. The above URLs may need to bypass network monitoring.

Cookies, pixel tags, or similar are used to keep track of progress. These will need to be allowed for our URLs to work properly.

How much bandwidth should I have?

You can have up to 500 participants playing a Game. An internet connection is a requirement for The Strong Game to run. Determining the minimum bandwidth you should have is largely based on the most amount of participants you expect to have at once. Based on our tests, we recommend the following:

  • 20 players / 2 Mbps up & down
  • 50 players / 3 Mbps up & down
  • 100 players / 5 Mbps up & down
  • 500 players / 23 Mbps up & down
  • 1000 players / 45 Mbps up & down

Ideally the Admin's device (the one used to start the game) should be connected via ethernet (not Wi-Fi) to ensure stability. Although many devices today do not have the required ports.

Playing with 250+ Tips

Most Wi-Fi access points have limits on the max number of devices they can handle. This can vary tremendously among access points, but the general rule of thumb is the costlier the access point, the more it can handle.

We generally recommend asking participants using cellular devices to use their cellular data if they have a good signal (which is very likely), leaving Wi-Fi for those who prefer not to/cannot use cellular data. To give some perspective on data usage, each players' answer submitted is roughly 1KB of data. A participant using their cell data with a 1GB data plan could theoretically send over a million answers before using 1GB. Thus data usage is not a large concern for players using mobile data.

On a rare occasion, issues in gameplay can be attributed to the hosting device's hardware. It is strongly suggested that The Strong Game admin/host launches the game on a computer with modern and capable hardware.

If you are planning to launch a large Strong Game at a new venue, please do a tech-check at the venue prior to usage. This will give you the confidence that the Strong Game will run smoothly. If you run into a problem, contact The Strong Game support and we will guide you to a solution.