Social questions help players learn a little more about their teammates. As an Admin you must set up Social Questions according to these instructions below.  Once the questions are setup, players get the chance to provide a little about themselves before the game starts. These player's answers provide dynamic content which will appear during the Strong Game.

Adding a Social Question

To edit one of your games and a social question:

  1. Log in at
  2. Click the Games button on the left sidebar.
  3. Navigate to the game you would wish to add a Social Question to.
  4. Click the orange Question+ button
  5. Click the green add question button.
  6. From here you will be able to start adding data into your question, but make sure you are doing it correctly.

For our example, let's say we want to add a social question that asks what a player's favourite food is. In this game we will have Joe and Bob on team A and Frank and Susan on team B. At the beginning of the game (before the Admin kicks off the game) all players are asked to provide answers to social questions. 

For example, let's say Frank answers his favourite food is popcorn. Later on, players on Frank's team (Team A) will have to answer a question such as: Whose favourite food is Popcorn? Therefore anyone on Team A that selects from Frank from the multiple choice answers is correct, and then earn points. Team B would get to answer the same question at the same but for a different Team B player. Let's also say Joe, who is on Team B, answers Steak in the preliminary questions, his team will see "Who's Favourite food is Steak?".

For the above example, you would then put this in for the different columns:

Question type: Social

Question: Whatever it is you want to ask players at the start of the game, don't put questions you (as the creator of the game) wouldn't want to answer! If we continue with our previous example, you could put "What is your favourite food?"

Response1: Put something similar as this: {value}'s favourite food is popcorn? The {value} must have the correct curly brackets, or else it will not work.

Response2: Appears between questions on Main Admin screen that shows the correct answers for all Social Questions, The team and Player name. 

Note: If Response2: is "Favourite Food" The between question Admin screen will show:

 Favourite Food:  

    Team A - Frank: Popcorn

    Team B - Joe: Steak

Response3: Appears on the Admin main screen when Social Questions are being asked.  This is all that shows on the Main screen as Social Question are different depending which team is being asked the question.    So in the example above Response3 would be:  "Your team member's favourite food".

Response4: Leave this blank.

Answer: Put this as Response1. Failing to do this will break the social question.

Order: Your choice.

Click save question and your social question will be saved. 

Edit a Social Question

  1. Log in at
  2. Click the Games button on the left sidebar.
  3. Navigate to the game where you would wish to modify the Social Question.
  4. Click the orange Question+ button.
  5. Click the blue edit button on the right side of that question's row to make your changes. 

  6. Once you are done with your edits click the blue update (in that some row) to save them.